China’s CCTV claims Google porn causes memory loss

China’s CCTV recently made an attempt to slam Google for allowing innocent users to search for porn and actually find it.  So they interview someone who claims to be just an innocent little university student.  This particular student had heard claims that porn would give one memory loss.  I know, we’ve all heard hairy palms and that it’s possible to […]

10 Best Extratorrent.CC Alternative in 2021

Extratorrent.CC, what is this word? Those who have never ventured into file-sharing will be confused as to what the topic is all about. So before we delve directly into the topic, I will briefly try to venture into the concept of file sharing and what is a torrent, and what its functions are. File sharing or file-swapping is an easy […]

How to Strikethrough Text in Google Docs

Strikethrough Text in Google Docs? Google Docs is a powerful word processing application in the Google productivity suite. It affords real-time collaboration between editors as well as different options for sharing documents. Because the documents are in the cloud and associated with a Google account, users and owners of Google Docs can access them at any computer. The files are […]

eBay Feedback Could Get You Sued

  What happens when a lawsuit-happy society meets the Information Age? You reach a new level of  Internet-driven absurdity . Case in point: A British businessman is now suing an eBay buyer for giving him a negative review on the auction site. Chris Read bought a Samsung F700 cell phone from the guy and says it didn’t match the description […]

How to Change Default Keyboard on Android Phone

Every Android smartphone has a default in-built keyboard. For devices using stock Android, Gboard is the go-to option. Other OEMs like Samsung or Huawei, prefer to add their keyboard apps. Now in most cases, these pre-installed default keyboards work pretty decently and satisfy all your requirements. However, what would Android be without the liberty to customize? Especially when the Play […]

What is WPS and How Does it Work?

You must have come across the term WPS while setting up a Wi-Fi router . It is a small button next to the ethernet cable port on the back of the router. Although it is present in almost all wireless routers, only a few people know its purpose. They are unaware of the fact that it this small button that […]

The 5 Worst Reassurances in Tech History

Ever since educational radio broadcasting pioneer Mary Somerville assured listeners that “Television won’t last. It’s a flash in the pan”, gadget gurus have been spectacularly wrong – especially when they have a stake in the issue. Here we look at five fabulously false assurances made with the best of intentions, the benefit of experience, and less accuracy than a horoscope […]

How to back up and restore text messages on Android

If you are worried about losing your text messages, then stop. Android won’t allow that to happen. It automatically backs up all your SMS text messages. As long as you are logged in to your device using your Google Account, your messages are being saved on the cloud. Android uses Google Drive to back up all your data, including SMS […]

How to Quickly Wrap Text in Google Sheets?

Google and its products rule the software industry worldwide, with millions of users from various countries and continents. One of the notorious apps that are used by millions is Google Sheets. Google Sheets is an app that effectively helps you organize data in the form of tables and lets you perform a variety of operations on the data. Almost all […]

20 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Stick In Your USB Socket

When they introduced the “Universal” Serial Bus in 1996, man, they weren’t kidding. You can stick so many things into the socket it’s only a matter of time before somebody electrocutes himself with the most erotically inappropriate “I/O Error” of all time. Hell, there’s probably already a forum for that. To help you forget that horrific image, have a look […]