9 Reasons why your smartphone battery is charging slowly

Struggling to charge your smartphone but the battery is charging very slowly? This can be very frustrating when you have plugged in your phone for hours but your battery is still not charged. There can be many reasons why the smartphone battery is charging slowly, but in this guide, we will discuss the nine most common culprits.  Old mobile phones […]

5 Scams That Marked the Internet

The Internet is fertile ground for all sorts of scams. Which are the biggest (and funniest) ones though? We have collected 5 that made it pretty big on the Web, check it out. 1. Lonelygirl15 The lonelygirl15 videos were a series of YouTube clips, chronicling the everyday worries of a regular fifteen year old girl and her phenomenally advanced video […]

Fix Fallout New Vegas Out of Memory error

After the success of Fallout 3, Bethesda Softwares published yet another game in the award-winning Fallout series. The new game, called Fallout New Vegas, wasn’t a direct sequel to Fallout 3 but served as a spin-off to the series. Fallout New Vegas , similar to its predecessors, won hearts across the gaming community and has been bought more than 12 […]

15 Cool Screensavers for Windows 10

Here is a fun fact to begin this article on 15 Cool screensavers for Windows 10- Originally, Screensavers were designed to protect the monitor of the computer from phosphor burn-in. But later on, as time has passed, we have started using screen savers just for the fun of it and enjoy their variety and colors. Some screensavers can actually be […]

The 25 Best High-Tech Pranks

Everyone loves a good laugh, and in the age of electronics, high-tech hijinks are just waiting to be pulled off. So snuggle up to your screen and get ready to unleash all sorts of shenanigans as we present the 25 best high-tech pranks known to man. Our apologies in advance to your friends and co-workers. 1. The Restart Remap We […]

15 Best Email Apps for Android in 2021

Looking for the best email app for your phone? With so many options to choose, it might be confusing to select among the top 15 email apps for Android. But don’t worry, with our detailed review you can select the one which matches your particular needs. The human brain is considered the best among all kinds of species on earth. […]

Send Picture via Email or Text Message on Android

Sometimes a simple text message isn’t enough. To properly convey the message and bring out the emotions, you need to attach a picture along with it. Sending photos or videos via text messages is very popular and is known as Multimedia Messaging . Apart from that, it is also possible to send pictures to someone on their email address. The […]

Top 12 Tech Embarrassments in 2008

Technology’s spawned plenty of headlines throughout 2008 — and cowering next to every story of success is a slip-up someone would like to forget. We’ve compiled a dozen of the year’s worst tech-related embarrassments. While the good stuff will eventually all blend together, these bad moments will live forever in infamy. Brace yourself for some blush-building blunders. 1. Most Embarrassing […]

Fix VPN not connecting on Android

Are you facing issues with your VPN? Unable to connect to a VPN on your Android Phone? Don’t worry in this guide we will see how to fix VPN not connecting issue on Android. But first, let’s understand what a VPN is and how does it work? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a tunneling protocol that enables […]

Fix Gmail not receiving emails on Android

In a rapidly progressing world towards becoming completely digital, emails are an irreplaceable part of our work lives. All our essential messages, task briefings, official statements, announcements, etc. occur via email. Out of all the email options available, Gmail is the most widely used in the world. Every Android smartphone has a mobile app for Gmail. It allows users to […]