Best Free Ways To Download Any Videos From YouTube

If you live, breathe and eat YouTube, you know the struggles even if traveling through a needy connectivity area. Those long journeys become even more dreadful. Fortunately, todays technology permits you todownload YouTube videosthrough combination sources, if not YouTube itself. This article will operate you ways todownload YouTube videos to pcor laptop or mobile phone. The Best YouTube Downloaders to […]

eBay Feedback Could Get You Sued

  What happens when a lawsuit-happy society meets the Information Age? You reach a new level of  Internet-driven absurdity . Case in point: A British businessman is now suing an eBay buyer for giving him a negative review on the auction site. Chris Read bought a Samsung F700 cell phone from the guy and says it didn’t match the description […]

China’s CCTV claims Google porn causes memory loss

China’s CCTV recently made an attempt to slam Google for allowing innocent users to search for porn and actually find it.  So they interview someone who claims to be just an innocent little university student.  This particular student had heard claims that porn would give one memory loss.  I know, we’ve all heard hairy palms and that it’s possible to […]

An Instant Dismissal of Microsoft’s “Instant Answer”

Microsoft is working on a new kind of “instant answer” option for its Live search engine. We have a few questions. The feature, detailed in a recent  Live Search blog posting , is designed to give you answers right on the results page, without your having to click through to an external site. “Quite a few” such answers already exist […]

How to View Location History in Google Maps

Google Maps is probably the most widely used navigation app in the world. Gone are the days when a road trip consisted of being guided by one guy “who knows the directions”, those times when we would end up getting lost and depend on the goodwill of pedestrians and shopkeepers to guide us to our destination. Although Google Maps would […]

Fix Common Printer Problems in Windows 10

Windows updates are extremely important as they bring about a number of bug fixes and new features. Although, sometimes they might end up breaking a few things which worked just fine previously. New OS updates can often lead to some issues with external peripherals, particularly printers. Some common printer related problems you might experience after updating Windows 10 are printer […]

2 Ways to Cancel YouTube Premium Subscription

There hardly anyone in this world who has not used YouTube or heard of it at least once in their lifetime. Starting from kids to older adults, everyone uses YouTube as it has relatable content for everyone. It is tough to search for something and not find a YouTube video on it. However, in recent times, YouTube has changed drastically. […]

15 Best Google Play Store Alternatives (2021)

Google Play Store is the primary source for all android users across the globe for downloading various apps, games, books, and movies. However, due to Google’s restrictions, many apps are not available on Google Play Store. Popular Sports gaming Apps like Dream11, My Team 11, which are of great demand, are not available on Google Play Store. But that doesn’t […]

Fix Can’t Connect Securely to this Page Error in Microsoft Edge

After years of browser-related complaints and issues, Microsoft decided to launch a successor to the infamous Internet Explorer in the form of Microsoft Edge. While Internet Explorer is still very much a part of Windows, Edge has been made the new default web browser owing to its superior performance and better overall features. However, Edge compares only slightly better than […]

10 Ways to Fix Google Photos Not Backing Up

Humans have always shown a keen interest in preserving their memories. Paintings, sculptures, monuments, epitaphs, etc. were some of the many historical means used by people to make sure that their stories aren’t forgotten and lost in oblivion. With the invention of the camera, pictures and videos became the most popular means to celebrate and commemorate the glory days. As […]