How to use copy and paste on Android

The entire world shall always be indebted to Larry Tesler , the cut/copy and paste. This simple yet quintessential function is an irreplaceable part of computing. We cannot imagine a digital world without copy and paste. It would be not only frustrating to type the same message over and over again but also nearly impossible to generate multiple digital copies […]

15 Best Android Gallery Apps (2021)

Who does not love clicking pictures, taking candid snaps, selfies, share images and videos? You cannot carry professional DSLR-grade cameras with you every time and everywhere, and everyone is also not a professional photographer. So the Smartphone, since it is there with us all the time, is the best and most handy gadget available for this purpose. Since today’s smartphones […]

Restore Apps and Settings to a new Android phone from Google Backup

In the present times, our mobile phones have become an extension of your selves. We spend a major part of your day doing something on our smartphones. Be it texting or calling someone personal, or attending business calls and having a virtual board meeting, our mobiles are an integral part of our lives. Apart from the number of hours spent, […]

Fix Windows 7 Updates Not Downloading

While it has been more than five years since mainstream support for Windows 7 ended, many computers still run the beloved Windows 7 OS. Surprisingly, as of July 2020, almost 20% of computers running on the Windows operating system continue to use the older Windows 7 version. Although the latest and greatest by Microsoft, Windows 10, is much more advanced […]

How do I know if my phone is unlocked?

In the present times, almost all mobile phones are already unlocked, meaning you are free to use any SIM card of your choice. However, this was not the case previously, mobile phones were usually sold by network carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc. and they had their SIM card already installed on the device. Therefore, if you are using an […]

TechCult’s Top 100 Web Celebrities

As the web goes mainstream, a brand new group of celebrities is emerging. The 100 people you will find below are shaping the future of the Internet (most for the better, some for the worse…), and as a consequence they are right under the spot light. We gathered around 200 potential names and queried them on Google to see how […]

Top 12 Tech Embarrassments in 2008

Technology’s spawned plenty of headlines throughout 2008 — and cowering next to every story of success is a slip-up someone would like to forget. We’ve compiled a dozen of the year’s worst tech-related embarrassments. While the good stuff will eventually all blend together, these bad moments will live forever in infamy. Brace yourself for some blush-building blunders. 1. Most Embarrassing […]

The 25 Best High-Tech Pranks

Everyone loves a good laugh, and in the age of electronics, high-tech hijinks are just waiting to be pulled off. So snuggle up to your screen and get ready to unleash all sorts of shenanigans as we present the 25 best high-tech pranks known to man. Our apologies in advance to your friends and co-workers. 1. The Restart Remap We […]

5 Scams That Marked the Internet

The Internet is fertile ground for all sorts of scams. Which are the biggest (and funniest) ones though? We have collected 5 that made it pretty big on the Web, check it out. 1. Lonelygirl15 The lonelygirl15 videos were a series of YouTube clips, chronicling the everyday worries of a regular fifteen year old girl and her phenomenally advanced video […]

20 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Stick In Your USB Socket

When they introduced the “Universal” Serial Bus in 1996, man, they weren’t kidding. You can stick so many things into the socket it’s only a matter of time before somebody electrocutes himself with the most erotically inappropriate “I/O Error” of all time. Hell, there’s probably already a forum for that. To help you forget that horrific image, have a look […]