10 Best Extratorrent.CC Alternative in 2021

Extratorrent.CC, what is this word? Those who have never ventured into file-sharing will be confused as to what the topic is all about. So before we delve directly into the topic, I will briefly try to venture into the concept of file sharing and what is a torrent, and what its functions are. File sharing or file-swapping is an easy […]

10 Best Office Apps for Android to Boost Your Productivity

Office work has evolved majorly from all-paper to all-technology. Rarely do you need to do any written work when it comes to official purposes? The era of files piling up on your desks or papers stocked in your drawers, if far gone. Now even the most clerical jobs are handled through laptops, desktops, tabs, and smartphones. Enterprise resource planning systems […]

10 Ways To Back Up Your Android Phone Data

Backups for your Android phone are important. Without a backup, you could lose all the data on your phone such as photos, videos, files, documents, contacts, text messages, etc. In this article, we will make sure your important data is always protected with this easy-to-follow Android backup guide. Evidently, your Android device is a part of everything that is going […]

10 Ways to Fix Google Photos Not Backing Up

Humans have always shown a keen interest in preserving their memories. Paintings, sculptures, monuments, epitaphs, etc. were some of the many historical means used by people to make sure that their stories aren’t forgotten and lost in oblivion. With the invention of the camera, pictures and videos became the most popular means to celebrate and commemorate the glory days. As […]

13 Best Free Password Manager Software (2021)

Searching for the best free password manager software for your laptop or smartphone in 2021? We understand the pain to remember different passwords for different websites can be quite daunting, that’s why we have compiled this list where we talk about the pros & cons of various free password manager apps that you use in 2021. We all own many […]

15 Best Android Gallery Apps (2021)

Who does not love clicking pictures, taking candid snaps, selfies, share images and videos? You cannot carry professional DSLR-grade cameras with you every time and everywhere, and everyone is also not a professional photographer. So the Smartphone, since it is there with us all the time, is the best and most handy gadget available for this purpose. Since today’s smartphones […]

15 Best Email Apps for Android in 2021

Looking for the best email app for your phone? With so many options to choose, it might be confusing to select among the top 15 email apps for Android. But don’t worry, with our detailed review you can select the one which matches your particular needs. The human brain is considered the best among all kinds of species on earth. […]

15 Best Google Play Store Alternatives (2021)

Google Play Store is the primary source for all android users across the globe for downloading various apps, games, books, and movies. However, due to Google’s restrictions, many apps are not available on Google Play Store. Popular Sports gaming Apps like Dream11, My Team 11, which are of great demand, are not available on Google Play Store. But that doesn’t […]

15 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android (2021)

We all talk of WiFi, and today, our world of connectivity over the internet is linked to this short acronym. For operating our android devices or PCs, we use WiFi connectivity. Many amongst us are unaware of the full form of this acronym. Before going into the nitty-gritty of the topic, let us understand the full form of this well […]

15 Cool Screensavers for Windows 10

Here is a fun fact to begin this article on 15 Cool screensavers for Windows 10- Originally, Screensavers were designed to protect the monitor of the computer from phosphor burn-in. But later on, as time has passed, we have started using screen savers just for the fun of it and enjoy their variety and colors. Some screensavers can actually be […]