2 Ways to Cancel YouTube Premium Subscription

There hardly anyone in this world who has not used YouTube or heard of it at least once in their lifetime. Starting from kids to older adults, everyone uses YouTube as it has relatable content for everyone. It is tough to search for something and not find a YouTube video on it. However, in recent times, YouTube has changed drastically. […]

20 Best App Lockers For Android in 2021

There is hardly anyone in this age of the internet that does not use a PC or a Smartphone. Smartphones enable access to a lot of data and contain many sensitive personnel messages and information that, it falls into the wrong hands can be highly disastrous. So if someone wants to use our phone, it must be ensured that he […]

20 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android in 2021

Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, no one will like to get his photograph clicked from you if you are not good at it. A touch-up to a photograph has become a must these days, and the need to make it catchier is becoming a reality. Given this, as a professional photographer, the concept of touch-up or […]

20 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Stick In Your USB Socket

When they introduced the “Universal” Serial Bus in 1996, man, they weren’t kidding. You can stick so many things into the socket it’s only a matter of time before somebody electrocutes himself with the most erotically inappropriate “I/O Error” of all time. Hell, there’s probably already a forum for that. To help you forget that horrific image, have a look […]

4 Ways to Delete Apps on your Android phone

Looking to delete or uninstall apps on your Android phone? Then you have come to the right place as today we will discuss 4 different ways to delete apps from your phone. One of the most important reasons behind the immense popularity of Android is its ease of customization. Unlike iOS, Android allows you to tweak with every little setting […]

4 Ways to Rotate an Image in Google Docs

Google Docs is a powerful word processing application in the Google productivity suite. It affords real-time collaboration between editors as well as different options for sharing documents. Because the documents are in the cloud and associated with a Google account, users and owners of Google Docs can access them at any computer. The files are stored online and can be […]

5 Scams That Marked the Internet

The Internet is fertile ground for all sorts of scams. Which are the biggest (and funniest) ones though? We have collected 5 that made it pretty big on the Web, check it out. 1. Lonelygirl15 The lonelygirl15 videos were a series of YouTube clips, chronicling the everyday worries of a regular fifteen year old girl and her phenomenally advanced video […]

9 Reasons why your smartphone battery is charging slowly

Struggling to charge your smartphone but the battery is charging very slowly? This can be very frustrating when you have plugged in your phone for hours but your battery is still not charged. There can be many reasons why the smartphone battery is charging slowly, but in this guide, we will discuss the nine most common culprits.  Old mobile phones […]

An Instant Dismissal of Microsoft’s “Instant Answer”

Microsoft is working on a new kind of “instant answer” option for its Live search engine. We have a few questions. The feature, detailed in a recent  Live Search blog posting , is designed to give you answers right on the results page, without your having to click through to an external site. “Quite a few” such answers already exist […]

China’s CCTV claims Google porn causes memory loss

China’s CCTV recently made an attempt to slam Google for allowing innocent users to search for porn and actually find it.  So they interview someone who claims to be just an innocent little university student.  This particular student had heard claims that porn would give one memory loss.  I know, we’ve all heard hairy palms and that it’s possible to […]